Music Department

Contact number: +234 806 414 0043

The Department of Music Academy – Mater Christi Academy- helps people to develop and nurture their musical talents. The program operates on weekends and during long vacation period.  The department offers PART TIME (weekend program) for Certificate and Diploma in Music for all categories of people: children, youth, and adult. The courses include:

  • Rudiments and Theory of Music
  • Development of Musical Skills
  • Harmonization, Counterpoint and Composition
  • Gregorian Chant (Theory and Practical)
  • Instrumentation (Musical Instrument: Key board, Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Flute, Recorder, Saxophone, Trumpet, Voice development, etc)
  • August Music Program for Children and Adults

The program aims at offering holistic training to participants, especially to our youth and children, which includes spiritual, psychological, intellectual, social, and mental development for assimilation of core life values and self-reliance.

Music Students during their end of the year Christmas Carol
The First Two Pioneer Students with their Diploma Certificates in Music