Counselling & Therapy Department

Contact number:    +234 809 267 0167; +234 803 761 8399

This Department provides on counseling, psychotherapy and rehabilitation services for the psychologically, mentally and emotionally wounded such as the drug/alcohol addicts, various abuses, children with behavioral issues, family in crisis, etc.  It runs psychological tests for candidates for priesthood and religious life as well as other individuals.  There are programs for formators, leaders, priests, religious and lay people.  Among these are:  psychological assessment of candidates for priestly and religious life, psychotherapy and counselling; family therapy and marriage counselling, management of drug/Alcohol addiction; persons with behavioral misconducts; school drop outs; spiritual direction, and helping people find orientation and direction in life.

Individual Therapy

The Courses We Offer at Our Counselling Centre:

  1. Forgiveness and Healing of Memory
  2. Trauma Management and Therapy
  3. Handling Losses, Bereavement and Grief Therapy
  4. Psychosexual Maturity and Integration (For Priests, Religious and Lay Faithful)
  5. Ageing with Joy and Gratitude
  6. Human Development and Healing the Child Within (The Inner Child)
  7. Midlife Crisis, Transition and Integration
  8. Community Dynamics, Development and Growth
  9. Anger Management and Conflict Resolution
  10. Use of Psychology and Psychological Tests in the Formation of the Candidates
  11. Formation and the Person of the Formator
  12. Leadership Training and Interpersonal Relationships
  13. Enneagram, Myers Brigg, Temperament
  14. The Influence of the Family Background and Modernism on the Formation of the Candidates and On the Religious Life
  15. Psychological Assessment/Evaluation in the Formation House
  16. Management of Group Dynamics for varied Groups
  17. Deepening of Faith of the Youth
  18. Sexuality for the Children and Adolescents
  19. Discernment of Vocation and Choice of Life
  20. Communication Skills and Developing Boundaries in Relationships
  21. The Art of Spiritual Direction/Accompaniment and Healthy Boundaries
  22. Psycho-theological Model of Formation
  23. Accompaniment, Vocation Promotion and Sustainability
  24. Culture and Gender Sensitivities in Formation Process
  25. Psychological Formation of the Formators
  26. Developing and Sustaining Genuine Motivation for Religious Life
  27. Formation to Resilience and its Contributions to Apostolic Effectiveness
  28. Personal integration in the pursuit of Holiness
  29. Psychological Implications of Child Abuse/Child Protection
  30. Healing the scars of Emotional and Sexual Abuse
  31. Integration of Values, Attitudes and Needs
  32. The Joy of Priesthood
  33. Psycho-Education (Causes and Prevention of Mental Breakdown)
  34. Basic Counselling skills
  35. Stages of Faith Development and Forms of Prayers
  36. Delineation between Mental Breakdown/Psychological Problems and Spiritual Problems/Attacks
  37. Accompaniment and Personal Retreat
  38. Emotional and Stress Management Today
  39. The Secret of a Happy Family etc.
Group Counselling/Therapy

The Following Group of Persons can benefit from the Courses we offer at our Counselling Centre:

  1. Priests and Religious Men and Women – (Elderly, Middle Aged and Newly Ordained/Professed)
  2. Candidates to Priesthood and Religious Life
  3. Catholic Men and Women (Adult) and other Denominations
  4. Children and the Youth
  5. Married Couples
  6. Pensioners and Persons on Sabbatical Leave
  7. Priestly and Religious Formators
  8. Leaders of Different Groups
  9. The Elderly/Aged (In Priesthood, Religious Life and Laity)
  10. Teachers and Lecturers
  11. University Graduates and Undergraduates