About Us

Mater Christi Human Development and Religious Formation Centre (MACHDREFC) was established in 2015 by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, to meet the various needs of our people in this present time.    We live in today’s society where learning and living our Catholic faith face many challenges.  As a result, our young people need a sense of direction in order to satisfy their yearning for knowing the truth about their faith. Our Founder, Archbishop Charles Heerey (CSSp), a great Irish missionary to Nigeria, mandates the Sisters take seriously the religious formation of youth and children in schools and parishes.  Our Centre therefore, is primarily for the integral formation of young people drawn from schools: primary, secondary, tertiary, and the parishes – through Youth Animation and Youth Catechesis.

The Centre was also established for holistic development of the human person applying the principles of the Church’s social teaching on the integral human development: physical, intellectual, psychological, spiritual.  Therefore, wholeness is holiness.  To achieve this, the Centre has various enriching programmes and is located in a very serene environment to make for personal meditation and reflection.


We envisage a society imbued with the spirit of Christ for the sanctification of individual persons and the society at large through compassion and humble service.


Our mission is to share the Gospel values by providing general and specialised services of animation, formation and counselling in view of transforming individuals and the society.


The Centre exists to help young people deepen their knowledge and love of God and neighbor, and To prepare young Religious for the mission of the Church; to prepare young people and the engaged for life-long commitment in marriage and healthy Christian families; to build psychological balance in persons through prevention of mental breakdown, treatment of trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, and capacity building for resourcefulness through development of musical skills and skills acquisition.  The Centre is  also for hospitality where guests are accommodated and given warm and homely welcome.


Knowledge of God and Integral development for Service to humanity