This is the official website of Mater Christi Human Development and Religious Formation Centre, Amawbia Anambra State, Nigeria.


Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our Mater Christi Human Development and Religious Formation Centre (MACHDREFC). This centre was opened in 2014 in response to the various needs of our people and their daily challenges. MACHDREFC aims at the integrated development and religious formation of our people especially the youths.
The centre is made of different departments namely: Scholasticate, Youth animation, catechesis, Music, Skill Acquisition and Psychotherapy. The services focus on the human, spiritual, moral, social and psychological needs of the human persons.  They help the beneficiaries attain more knowledge of God, wholistic development and maturity, thus they are empowered to boldly live and proclaim their faith in the society with their joyful service. The benefits and services gained from this centre cannot be underestimated. Therefore, I heartily invite you to avail yourself, your children, relatives and friends of these services at our MACHDREFC and be enriched! God bless you!

Mater Christi Human Development and Religious Formation Centre (MACHDREFC) was established in 2015 by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ, to meet the various needs of our people in this present time.    We live in today’s society where learning and living our Catholic faith face many challenges.  As a result, our young people need a sense of direction in order to satisfy their yearning for knowing the truth about their faith. Our Founder, Archbishop Charles Heerey (CSSp), a great Irish missionary to Nigeria, mandates the Sisters take seriously the religious formation of youth and children in schools and parishes.  Our Centre… more